Category Topics


Announcements from Webrecorder Project will be add here!

Help! Capture and Replay Issues

All things about capture and replay fidelity!
Having difficulty capturing a certain site? Or captured but doesn’t replay?
Ask all your capture and replay questions here!

Tools Q&A

Webrecorder offers a number of open source tools. When should one use pywb or or Share experiences and feedback about any of the tools Webrecorder offers!

Crawling and Automation

Capturing high-fidelity content at scale! Crawling using Browsertrix Crawler, Autopilot behaviors, headless browsers, and general discussion on how to archive at scale without losing fidelity.

Decentralized and Offline Web Archives

All things decentralization!
Could web archives be created locally and shared via peer-to-peer networks? Made available offline?
Storage of web archives using IPFS and Dat/Hyper, other ideas for more decentralized
approaches to web archiving.


Want to integrate web archives or Webrecorder tools into other systems?
Loading web archives in institutional repositories, or just directly in the browser?
A place to discuss various integration efforts and ideas!

Misc Web Archiving

Want to discuss web archiving in general, not necessarily related to Webrecorder?
Different approaches to archiving?
Anything at all, as long as it pertains to archiving in some way!