Webrecorder in Kiosk Mode

Hey there,

I would like to show a website including subsites offline on a touch display as part of an exhibition. I have tried many things, nothing has worked. Now, with the webrecorder I finally succeeded, I archived the website and it worked very well, all videos, sound files etc. are loading without any problems. The idea is to open Chrome in kiosk mode via autostart and make the link to the archived page as the start page. This works so far, but there are two problems that you might be able to help me with:

  1. is there a way to hide the tool bar? Visitors could use it to navigate away from the website, which is not wanted.

  2. is it possible to change the source code of the archived pages? Further links, links to e-mail addresses etc. appear in the imprint and under “Contacts”. If visitors click on these, they would be at a dead end or would even be taken out of kiosk mode if they clicked on the contact form. This must not happen. In .html it is no problem to simply delete the links, is there any way to do this with the archived files?

I hope that was understandable, thank you very much for your work and your great program!

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Hi, nice to hear what you’re using this for.

If you embed ReplayWeb.page, you can set various options, as documented in ReplayWeb.page embedding. It looks like the replayonly embed mode may come close to what you want.

There are two ways to modify how an archived page is shown:

  1. Modify the resulting archive. You probably have the whole archive packed in a WACZ file. You could unzip it, modify the WARC records, zip it again, and replay that. This requires no changes to ReplayWeb.page, and if you’re familiar with basic software development and WARC files, this may be a suitable approach.
  2. Inject Javascript into the web page when being replayed. There is an injectScripts option for the ReplayWeb.page service worker, but it is not really documented (see also this thread). Currently it is used to inject ruffle for playing flash content. I’m using this Docker re-packaging of ReplayWeb.page that has a small patch to run custom Javascript in each page (inject.js). There you can modify the DOM of each page to adapt it to your needs.

Hope this helps you on the way.