Adding Story Section to New Archives?

I’m trying to record some new archives for the first time with the new tool. I had several that I had made with the old version of the Web Recorder software. When I open those older archives in the new software they have a “Story” tab where I had written what the archive was for and had links to key pages. When I create new archives I can’t seem to find a way to add this type of section to them. Am I missing something, or is it not currently supported? If not, will it be supported in the future?

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Yes, you’re quite right, has the ability to read lists as “Stories” that were created in Webrecorder Desktop and Conifer tools, but we haven’t had a chance to add this to to be able to create new lists. The plan was to at least maintain backwards compatibility and to add this as a feature in the future.
I hope this is something we can one way or another in the next six months or so, so not immediate, but in the mid-term.

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Thank you, @ilya! And thank you for asking the question, @benbarry! I too, found this a really useful tool when preparing a collection for access. It’s a key space for providing researchers with context. It’s also helpful for orientating people in the archive, and clarifying its scope/availability of interactions.

If you are using .warc format, a possible workaround in the meantime is to download your file, then upload it to Conifer to perform the Story and List creation steps.

Thanks for confirming @ilya, and thanks for the workaround suggestion @Anisa.