ArchivesSpace + Webrecorder

Hello! I’m interested to know how/if others are using Webrecorder and ArchivesSpace together? Thanks!


Hi Michelle!

We haven’t yet done integration between ArchivesSpace and Webrecorder.

The structure of is meant to be integrated into other applications so we would be interested in supporting it.

I wonder how others would use Webrecorder and ArchivesSpace together. We would love to discuss further with you about your own experiences with the tools.

Thanks for bringing it up!

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Just to add, if you know of anyone working on ArchivesSpace and would be willing to help with an integration, we’d be happy to chat with them. We’re getting to a point where it should be easy to integrate web archive replay into any repository system, including ArchivesSpace.


Thank you both for your replies! I would be especially interested in the ability to export metadata as a CSV file for uploading to ASpace. My institution is interested in representing web collections with a finding aid, but it is not very time effective or useful for us to add individual Digital Objects for each seed to accomplish this.