says ChromeExtension "can't cannot correctly capture headers and transfer encoding"

Is it true
Webrecorder’s Chrome Extension[] -

The WARC Ecosystem - Archiveteam says -

No. Uses the Chrome Debugging Protocol, which cant correctly capture headers and transfer encoding.

No, that’s not quite accurate. We can capture all of the HTTP request and response headers as provided by the browser, which in our experience has been fairly complete:

As for transfer encoding, yes, that is removed by the browser as we have no control over that. The response is returned in its canonical state, which is what is stored and used for replay. I should note the transfer-encoding is only one part of the network encoding, along with TLS encryption or H2/H3 protocol network data. In practice, the actual bytes are sent in some encrypted way and most web archives that write WARC files store the decrypted data, not the raw network bytes.

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