Chrome Extenion Help: EXclude URL, Crawling, Adblock, Save Directory, WARC format

  1. How to exclude sub domains and URLs ?
  2. How to auto crawl ?
  3. How to add AdBlocker ?
  4. How to change save directory ?
  5. How to save as WARC or Zim ?
  1. The extension will download every resource on the page. There’s no way to tell it not to do that within the extension. If you have things you really want to block, I suppose you could do that with an adblocker rule? It won’t be able to download anything that an adblocker blocks.

  2. can’t auto crawl in the same way that Browsertrix can. When on some social media sites, there is an autopilot feature that can help archive certain infinitely scrolling websites.

  3. Download one! I like uBlock Origin.

  4. Like most browser extensions, ArchiveWebpage saves archived content to Chrome’s IndexedDB database. This can’t be changed. We recommend you download your WARC or WACZ files which will export them to your downloads folder.

  5. The download button in the list of archived items will download as a WACZ. If you want to download a WARC, open an archived item and navigate to the pages tab. ArchiveWebpage does not support exporting to ZIM files.