stop working

I use extension to archive
It stopped after recorded 57 posts out of 524 posts. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Also, for, stopped after recorded 60 posts out of 516 posts.

For, stopped after recorded 1263 posts out of 1298 posts.

For, it give " Error Please wait a few minutes before you try again."

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Hi @pchan3, I think you may be hitting a rate limit on instagram, which unfortunately we can’t do anything about. Were you running multiple autopilot captures at the same time in different tabs, or one at a time?

I’ll see if I can repro these results, and if there’s a way to make behavior more resilient to rate limiting…

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Thanks, Ilya for your reply.

I run only one capture. However, I had multiple tabs opened for other tasks.

I tried again and get better for, stopped after recorded 515 posts out of 516 posts., posting appeared blank at post 1300; stopped at 1696 posts out of 1711 posts.