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If I remember well there used to be an Autopilot guide available on - I am writing a report on archiving tools and of course Conifer/Webrecorder Desktop is included, and I wanted to point to the guide for Autopilot, but can’t seem to find it : )

Is it still around? Or is it perhaps not needed anymore? I remember it included some advice about, for example, not minimizing windows to avoid crashing tabs etc. but perhaps this is not true anymore?



Hello @zefik All the blog posts previously at have now been migrated to I think you might find this post useful as a starting point: I’ve found that certain changes to social media platforms in the past year, mean that experimentation and adaptation of methods is necessary!

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Hi @Anisa thanks for your reply!
This post is a nice introduction indeed - it doesn’t include some of the practical tips that the guide included I think, but that is totally okay since I guess a lot of the specificities can get outdated very quickly.
Experimentation is the way to go for sure : )

I’ve let the Conifer team at Rhizome know about this, I think they’re looking into restoring it.
Thanks for pointing this out!

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Thanks for taking care of it Ilya!

Hi @zefik sorry for the confusion, the autopilot guide has been restored here:

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Thanks @m4rk3r! Good to see it available again : )