Browser doesn't let me save image from .warc file?

Hi everyone, I’m using the latest version of, and I created a .warc file using conifer dot rhizome dot org (sorry have to do this because new users can only put two links in post) which I then downloaded and opened with the standalone program on Windows 10. It works great, and I love how fast everything loads.

I was wondering how to save an image though, since you can’t right click and press “Save image as”. In this example how would I go about saving the green creature profile image?

I opened up devtools, and located and copied the image address link, which in my case was http://localhost:5471/w/id-72784fd8e454/20230212214658mp_/ , but when I paste that link into any browser, I get a localhost refused to connect error (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED). I tried some ways to make the localhost connect for example turning off firewall, flushing DNS, but it didn’t work. How would I go about solving this issue?

Wait nevermind, I found out how to save image. All you need to do is open the Network tab in Dev Tools, and click on the image and in the Preview tab to the right, there is an option to “Save image as”.

I don’t know how I didn’t see that before. I was searching everywhere.

If you use the browser version of, it may also be easier to do that directly, as you’ll have the ‘Save Image As…’ right click option, which we haven’t implemented in the app.