Can you pass parameters to apps?

Now that I’ve found locations for the Windows/Mac apps of, are there any way parameters can be passed to these standalones to indicate starting page from a wacz?

Not that I’m aware of… Could be neat to pass the embedding options as CLI flags somehow in the future, but that would be a wildly low priority feature.

What exactly are you trying to do?

@Hank Unless there’s already a way I don’t know about, it would be nice for app to be able to open a wacz directly to a specific page, rather than have to enter the https address to get there.

I suspect you may have already seen this but when you are embedding ReplayWebPage you can use the url parameter to automatically load a particular page from the archive:

It sounds like you are building a standalone app for playing a particular archive?

No, actually I’m in contact with a local digital archive for my (US) state. My website is a virtual “museum” and they are going to try to incorporate my wacz in the software package that runs their site to have a page for us. I’m just trying to do some legwork to get them info… and yes embedding seems to have promise if their package can do that.

Ah! Yes, what you’re asking for is very much possible and instructions on doing it are in the link that Ed shared. For some examples of this in action, check out my grad show archives site and click on any of the “View Gradshow” links. You’ll see that they take you right to the homepage of the selected site via embedded

Neat, that IS interesting… my future host is still in the process of getting their new software up on another platform, getting the kinks out, and then finally making it live. Then they will be able to devote some resources to getting my wacz active. Here’s a test I put up on a host only dropbox file

Wow I’m surprised that works, didn’t think Dropbox had CORS enabled. Nice!

Make sure to take a good look at all the embed options once you get it working, there are some fun ones! My personal favourite is the URL deep linking one (also on that changes the URL in the browser to a deep link of the current page so pages in your archive can be linked and referenced just like any other on the web.

The secret to bypass CORS problems is to use … I’ve done a lot of research on this project : ) This was really only a test so others could see what it looked like via replay

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