Cannot archive twitter bookmarks well

I tried using this to archive my twitter bookmarks with autopilot, but it only goes through and archives maybe about 50-100 bookmarks before stopping. This only archives about 5-10 days worth of bookmarks at a time for me, when I’ve been bookmarking stuff since 2018, so I possibly have thousands of tens of thousands of bookmarks, and using this tool over and over, or manually recording everything and clicking through everything myself, would be very impractical.

For some reason, autopilot just stops even though there is clearly more loaded that appears if I just manually scroll the mouse wheel lower, but the autopilot stops continuing to do this itself very quickly and I can’t even click the autopilot button again so it can continue to.

How can I make it continue to autopilot indefinitely? This would be the PERFECT tool if it worked for more than a few minutes at a time.