Chrome blocked the extension and now archives are gone

Chrome recently began blocking the extension. After I adjusted the settings in Extensions to allow it again and reloaded, all my collections have disappeared. Is there any way to recover the files? Fortunately it’s almost all downloaded and saved but I would like to know if there are any options here.

Hey, we got your email but I’ll also respond here because I just wrote a similar post!

Check out I can't save pages or acces my recorded ones - #2 by Hank

I assume this is because your employer blocked the extension with a policy applied to all browsers at your workplace? If this caused the extension to be uninstalled (and all its data deleted) there’s likely nothing we can do unless you have backups. If you do, good news! Follow the guide above!

Hank, thank you so much–this is really helpful!

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In the interest of me feeling good… or bummed out I guess… Were you get your data back? :stuck_out_tongue: