Chrome keeps crashing with view recorded page for a particular forum

I was trying to archive selected pages of a forum .I tried to open a link of the archived pages ; chrome craches. any link of them the same issue happening . also, with view recorded page. so I downloaded the (WACZ) pages to play them with the desktop app , all is ok ? now the wacz file won’t work if I import it to replayweb .page to play pages, what to do to fix that? you can test this urls to see:

_ it replays also well here

note: arabic language
Chrome is up to date
Version 125.0.6422.61 (Official Build) (32-bit)

I have disabled all my extensions to record well. - Version 0.11.3

windows ver: 10
1903 (OS Build 18362.1256)

any explanation to go forward for achiving !

The crashing behavior in ArchiveWebPage but not ReplayWebPage sounds similar to:

yeah, I meant archive I was going to edit the first post but editing not active for twice so I had to correct my mistake in reply box. pages also have no problems for replaying in the desktop app . thank you for filing a report there. I have also some of the posted issues, such as facebook, it crashes too, but i don’t care so much. this forum is educational and I wanted to have an offline copy of it. will Ilya fix these bugs !
now, If I have archived as it is, will my archives be effected somehow in the future; this is until fix or I have to wait…