Config.yaml archive file paths?

Hi, I’m new to pywb and could use your help, please.

We have a pre-existing collection of warc files which are currently dropped and held at: /data/warcs/site1 and /data/warcs/site2

Collections are at:

config.yaml contains references to these paths:

all: $all
index_paths: /data/index/site1
archive_paths: /data/warcs/site1
index_paths: /data/index/site2
archive_paths: /data/warcs/site2

However, wayback does not appear to looking at these paths; when I run “wb-manager index site1” it returns:

[INFO]: Indexing /usr/local/pywb/collections/site1/archive to /usr/local/pywb/collections/site1/indexes/index.cdxj

(I would have expected it to instead index /data/warcs/site1 to /data/index/site1)

Can anyone throw light on what have I misunderstood/my mistake, please?

Thank you