Creating a wacz from an offline page to view in ReplayWeb


I try to arichve and play old websites which we’ve developed over the years. the Problem these sites are mostly made in flash so I can not capture them with the chrome extension. The next thing is that these are all locally.

So what I’ve tried so far. Uploaded the old sites and tried to open these with the web app, which didn’t load the site because of SSL.

Afte that I’ve downloaded warcit-master and tried withy Python311 to make a archive but when i open the i’ve got the error: no commands supplied.

So i hope anybody here can help me to put the old websites in a archive so that i can Play it with the ReplayWeb Toll and make some screenrecords. I belive i’m not far away from a solution and what i saw your tools are the best solutions. respect for this great work and to help to archive the cool old websites.

Step further tryied to install with pip and got an error:
Could not build wheels for cchardet

Hey! I have some experience with archiving and replaying Flash content! A few things to know:

  1. ReplayWebpage has Ruffle built into it! I haven’t been able to get this working for my personal archiving project just yet but your mielage may vary! My use case involves Flash content which needs to contact a server running a PHP script, we haven’t had the chance to debug it for embeds but it works properly when loaded into Pretty specific! If you get this running after archiving your content I’d like to know about it! :slight_smile:

  2. Warcit is currently not quite up to speed with the rest of our tools. It is not yet compatible with how we display pages in and while it does produce a valid WARC file, we need to update it a bit — hard to find the time while we’re launching Browsertrix!

  3. That being the case… Using may be your best bet here. Install Ruffle to regain Flash compatibility and browse the site as you normally would. It should save everything required and should be viewable once embedded with the useRuffle flag (see first link).

  4. (This is a bit of a hack) If you need to host your files locally, you can run a web server on your machine (I like http-server), running it with the -p 80 flag to run it on port 80, and add the following to your hosts file:

It won’t have https (which may matter if you’re mixing your locally archived flash content with content from other sources), but now you can archive your local content as if it came from that site! Would also recommend removing the items from your hosts file once you’re done!

This approach also isn’t ideal if you have many pages… For that you might have to wait for warcit to get an update!

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