Export WACZ causing webrecorder memory crash

Hi Webrecorder team,

I’ve been steadily making progress on archiving a YouTube page (thank you again Anisa for the help) and have ended up with an archive of 110 individual embedded videos totaling up to about 27.28 GB. When I try to export the file as a WACZ, I run into memory issues and the plugin crashes. Is it generally advisable to not make individual archives this big or is this more of an issue with my current computer?

For this situation, would you advise downloading the WARC files separately and then combining them later into a WACZ?


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Hi Alphie,

Yes, unfortunately, there is currently an issue in generating WACZ files over 4GB. I am looking at ways to fix this. There are currently several options:

  1. Split into smaller files by pages, if possible, and then download individual WACZ files. We can help you combine the WACZ files into one.
  2. Download the files as WARC/1.1 and then convert to WACZ, however, that will not include the page info.

I’ll see about improving this in the next version of the extension. In the meantime, if you downloaded the individual parts and need help combining, let us know and can help with that.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thanks, Ilya. I think for this collection I’ll break it up by WARC/1.1. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of value to keeping it in the WARC format for this specific collection of embedded YouTube videos. I think we can YouTube capture info like channel info and hashtags (the broad groupings I originally established as the WARC) through other means.

I’ll keep the 4GB limit in mind for sure. Much appreciated!