Exporting/printing from ReplayWeb.Page?

Hello! I’m using the ReplayWeb.Page app to view web archives. I was wondering if there is any way to export rendered web pages to an image format and/or print them to PDF.

Thank you!

At the moment I think you’ll need to use your operating system’s facility for generating a screenshot, or printing to a PDF. I don’t believe this functionality is part of ReplayWeb itself.

Thank you! My thoughts, exactly. I’m looking into a way to automate the screenshots of all targeted pages in the replay.

Oh, interesting. I remember that Emma Dickson was working on screenshot functionality in browsertrix-crawler. I wonder if it might make sense to generate the screenshots during the crawl?

I thought I would post an update in case anyone finds this helpful.

While researching different methods of getting screenshots from webpages being replayed in the standalone ReplayWeb.Page app, I found that Dev Tools are accessible in the Chromium browser (Ctr+Shift+I). From there I can run a screenshot command and successfully capture what is being displayed. While the option to capture a full screenshot of a page that scrolls beyond view does not seem to work, being able to capture anything at all within the app is very useful and opens up some avenues of automation.