File downloads are not recorded

Hi, while recording a page I clicked a button to download a file. Later on, when I replayed the page I could not retrieve the file.

Is this something that is not supported right now?

Hi, I assume you’re using the extension?

I did a quick test and downloaded files are being archived, though occasionally the download on replay doesn’t quite work. Searching for the file in the Resources tab and downloading from there does work however. So it seems that the files are being captured, but the download may not always work.
(Will look into this).

Is this also what you’re seeing? If not, can you share an example/describe more the issue you’re having?

Yes, your test scenario is similar to mine, except in my case the download request wasn’t recorded at all (no increase in archive size, no record of it in URLs). So I get the “Sorry, the URL is not in this archive” response as a result. Here is a simple page as an example: Thank you. Extension v0.6.3 (Google Chrome 90.0.4430.85)
Also tried on App v0.6.3

Thanks for reporting, this is slightly different, but I think this can be fixed for next version (v0.6.4)!

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0.6.4 is out, should be working now.

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