How to capture content that loads after button press?


I’ve been using the docker based Browsertrix crawler to try and capture a fairly complicated website: ハニプレ official website. It’s done an amazing job and the replay works fine, but there are 9 different videos/(gifs?) in the circle at the bottom of the screen (there is a large ‘1/9’ next to it), of which only the first loads in the replay. The loading symbol is exactly the same as on the website itself, which is impressive, but I would ideally like to be able to view the different videos the same as on the original webpage.

To switch between the 9 videos, you press arrow buttons, and it seems as though it downloads the video upon pressing them, although I think it must be caching them as it is faster the subsequent times.

I have tried the --waitUntil networkidle0 and then both that and the --behaviorTimeout 0 flags but, while the file size changes (more explanation below), the videos at the bottom are still not present.

(File sizes for:
Test command explained in the Github readme: 20,922kb
Test command with --waitUntil networkidle0 flag added: 20,925kb
Test command with --waitUntil networkidle0 and --behaviorTimeout 0 flags added: 28,210kb)

The URL does not change (no hashes added) when you switch between which video is playing at the bottom, so while I would also be happy to have 9 versions of the website with each video playing as a backup option, I cannot figure out how to do it - however, I am a beginner, so I would be happy to hear any suggestion.

Thank you for your help with this! If there’s any more detail needed, please let me know.