How to check if image is in archive or read from external source?

Hi. I started using webrecorder and I am amazed.
But I am also confused.
I placed my wacz file in s3 storage. When I use everything loads like normal (if a little slow).
This includes pictures that in originaly are referring to an external cdn as well as youtube videos.
Are they part of the archive? How can I check it?

e.g. here

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Yes, everything loaded in is loaded from the archive file (WACZ).

It uses a browser policy that prevents it from loading anything outside of, so it can’t connect to an external CDN or YouTube. You can look at the Network tab in devtools to confirm.

Or, another option, you can:

  1. download the file locally (or if you already have it, you can skip that)
  2. open to make sure its cached in the browser
  3. disconnect from the internet
  4. load the WACZ file and confirm that you are still able to browse the archive!
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same issue when i open .warc file in some image show well but some image path will change
how to fix this issue and also i am trying through application issue remain same please give some solution

Could you expand and show an example? will not fetch any content from the web while displaying WARC files unless you configure it specifically to do that (which currently isn’t documented so it shouldn’t be an issue!)

when i open warc in in add its own hostname like [ in css and .js link and image also Because of warc file view unorganized data kindly suggest me how to fix this issue