How to select a collection served on proxy via auth?

Dear colleagues,

The pywb documentation mentions cookie_resolver set in config.yaml as a way to select an access collection when using pywb as a proxy.

I know there was also an option to select the collection via proxy auth, so that a researcher would type the name of a collection into a proxy auth username/password dialog. However that is not mentioned in the documentation and I am struggling to find any information about this “auth resolver”.

Does anybody know how to activate the “auth resolver” (or whatever the correct name is :sweat_smile:) for the pywb proxy?


Dear James,

Thank you for replying!

I am using the following config.yaml:

framed_replay: true
enable_cdx_api: true
enable_http_proxy: true
enable_coll_info: true
enable_memento: true
    cookie_resolver: false
    auth_resolver: true
    use_client_rewrite: false
    use_banner: false

However I am not able to get to neither the cookie resolver nor the auth resolver.

Instead I am getting edless redirects, as described in this 2015 bug report:

I believe I must be making something wrong.

Do you happen to know what the exact config.yaml lines need to be to enable auth_resolver?

For me, proxy mode only seems to work if I supply a default collection via

    use_default_coll: some-collection-name

Any hints would be appreciated.


@despens Sorry, don’t have a better answer for you myself, but that’s an AI bot designed to sell a course and it’s not giving you a real answer.

Worst possible outcome. :frowning:

Oomph thank you Hank!

I added an issue, as it seems this information just isn’t available anywhere. It is pywb issue 909, unfortunately this discourse instance prevents me from posting links to GitHub.