Indihu exhib. problems with capture & replay

Hello, everybody,

we’ve tried to capture this virtual exhibition: htt ps:// . We did using Desktop app as well as with extension for Brave (Chromium-based browser).

1. Desktop

We had good experience with WR & AWP Desktop on Linux (WR on Windows didn’t work so well, but that’s past). So, first we tried to capture this exhib. this way, AWP version 0.7.4.
After page load, less than 50 MB was captured and by moving across the exhib. was no captured volume added.
Loading circle was blinking, same as in the gif later.
Tried to upload WACZ to RWP, no display either.

As a newcomer, could upload one media & two links, so screens and WACZ zipped here:

2. Browser extension

With the extension, we tried not just moving around the exhibition from the start, but also to add a few first seeds of the exhib. to the capture manually.
Result is quite the same as in the Desktop app. Seeds appeared in the archived list with some volumes, but after all, in collection overview we still see 50 MBs.

Screens & WACZ:

Have a nice day, thanks for any advice :upside_down_face: