Instagram replay not working with glitch


I am trying to make a sharable archive of an Instagram page.

I remixed the glitch example with webrecorder, but the replay will not load. It works fine with the twitter example.

I think perhaps the problem is that my WACZ file is 551mb, I’m not sure how to progress.


Looking at the Glitch, I think it might just be a filename issue. The uploaded file is called ella's-instagram-archive.wacz but its referenced as ellas-instagram-archive.wacz.
I think Glitch does not allow renaming the file, so would recommend re-uploading without the ' in the filename.

I found this by looking at the Logs on glitch, but we can probably improve the error handling in the web archive starter also…

Looking at it further, this might be an issue with Glitch itself… it seems like the file is returning an empty URL. Perhaps it is too big for glitch?
I would try re-uploading the file without the quote in the filename and seeing if that works…

ah yes thank you, that is a silly error on me.

I re-uploaded now without ’ and - in the filename and the reference is correct now, but it is still returning as not found… it could be too big… Do you have any suggestions of where I could host the file alternatively if it is too big for glitch?

ok, yes, apparently it is above the maximum file size,Too%20Many%20Requests%22%20response)..)

Yes, though I wish they would just not allow the download instead of having it fail silently!

This is something we’re trying to figure out so that we can recommend a solution.
Most cloud-hosting services that can host files should work. I don’t know of any free options, but cloud-hosting services like Linode, DigitalOcean, etc… all should work fairly well, though they’re not free.
Google Drive also can work, but is a bit slow. Actually, looks like OwnCloud has a free tier.
I’ll update if I have any better solution… All that’s needed is file storage.

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(And you can still host the page on Glitch, just need to put the large file somewhere else…)

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ah thank you thank you :smiley:

yes it’s very annoying that it allows the file to download!..

Ok… so I managed to host the file, and it is fine, but now I get this error:

An unexpected error occured: TypeError: Failed to fetch

Do you have any idea what that might be caused by?

ah it’s because of CORS… okay… yes please let me know if you find any alternatives!