Invalid URL and missing archives

I’m using the chrome extension. I’m getting an invalid URL error on my When I go to the extension to capture something none of my existing archive collections appear in the dropdown menu. Is there any way to recover my collections and previous captures? Does anyone know what might have happened so I can avoid it in the future?

Sorry you are having issues with the extension!
Unfortunately, its quite hard to say what has happened exactly, it seems the browser is unable to access the data! One thing to try is to restart the browser, if you haven’t tried that yet.
I assume no collections show up on the extension home page, or do they all have same error?

We have not seen this issue before. An issue could be disk space, browser might automatically have cleared the data if running out of disk space - will see if that is possible.

In the, future we are working on adding automatic backup so the data is not just in the browser.

We are working on making extension better and more resilient to issues like this.

Thanks for this info, ilya! Definitely could have been a disk space issue. Yeah, the collections weren’t showing up on the extension home page either.