Is there a limit to how big a WACZ or WARC File produced by the WebRecorder ArchiveWeb Browser Extension can be?

Greetings everyone! It is my first time posting here! I’m new here! So tell me is there any limits to WACZ and or WARC File Size produced by the ArchiveWeb Browser Extension? :

I have more than 3000 pages of a website recorded in the Browser Extension in the same archive but it always tells me that the download is " cancelled " before it finishes downloading it…

Sometimes the Browser Extension crashes and gives me an error while attempting to download large WACZ or WARC Files too…

Any tips?

Welcome! I haven’t run into that issue before, but it sounds like it might be a good issue ticket over in the ArchiveWeb issue tracker? But I see there are quite a few.

If you open Deverloper Tools in your browser before you click to download, do you see an error messages in the “Console” when the download is cancelled? Also, do you know how long it runs for before it gets cancelled?

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