Meaning of replay.web parameters

I have a URL address that works successfully to access my wacz. I don’t know where I got it and would like to know what each parameter is.

The working code is below.


Obviously source is the address of the file, but what do the following mean?



&url= 2nd time


The ‘source’ query param is the path to the WACZ file, while after the hashtag, the ‘view’ param indicates which tag to load and ‘url’ is which URL to load.

There shouldn’t be a ‘url’ before the ‘#’ – that is currently ignored. Is this a generated URL that you got or are you constructing this manually? Perhaps there’s an error somewhere if it ends up with two ‘url’ params.

Thanks, Ilya, I have done so much searching to get my wacz to work (and it finally does.,. what a great resource your group has made!) that I don’t know how I put that code together.