Media Capture & Crashing Embedded Videos in ArcGIS Storymaps

We’re working on a strategy to capture and preserve ‘storymaps’ created using ArcGIS, but are running into two issues.

Live WACZ File Example:

  1. We are having trouble determining if the WACZ generated by is properly capturing media from the storymap or if it is pulling from the page while it is live when we view the archive.

2. Embedded videos cause both and to white-screen in storymaps.

The example provided above has a video in the published version. I interacted with it as normal on capture, but on replay it white-screens the replay of the storymap when you scroll to where it would be loaded.

Only able to include one link here, but can provide further examples or links to live storymaps if that would be helpful.

Any advice regarding either of these issues would be greatly appreciated!

When you view an archive in you are only viewing captured data. It will not pull anything from the live site. You can test this yourself by loading the archive while offline!

#2 is a harder answer I’m afraid, best advice I’d have is to file a replay issue in the GitHub if you can. Live links to test against would definitely be helpful for this!