Miro board archive doesn't playback / Can we have a debugging guide?

I tried archiving this Miro board with ArchiveWebPage v0.11.3:


An initial loading page displays, but then after a few minutes the page goes blank.

I noticed some errors during the archiving of the page, but the page itself renders OK:

During replay there are various 404 and JavaScript errors on the console during replay.

Sadly, despite being a web developer, and having spent significant time with Webrecorder tools, I still have no idea how to debug what’s going on. It would be amazing to have a guide that goes over how to work with these errors to help improve the tools. I would even be willing to help create such a thing if I could work with someone who understands. Maybe a video? I want to see Webrecorder tools continue to thrive, but not being able to spread knowledge about how people can help diagnose and fix these problems is a big barrier to sustainability I think.

The WACZ is at https://edsu-webarchives.s3.amazonaws.com/tmp/miro2.wacz if you want to take a look, but you should be able to easily reproduce the problem using ArchiveWebPage.

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