Open-in-new-tab issues in Replay

I’ve crawled a site that makes ubiquitous use of target=“_blank” for lots of internal links. There are 1200+ local links in the live project that are set to open in a new window/tab, and that action is being carried over to the web archive, meaning that when I click on certain things in the replay, it’s opening a whole new replay tab in my browser for the linked content. Then, as expected, I can’t use the new window’s back button to get back where I was. It’s not a huge deal, but I do wonder if there is a way to script out this action so links open in the same replay window?

I don’t know of a way to change this in ReplayWebPage. I think an argument could be made that keeping that behavior is most faithful to the original? If you are in control of the site in question I guess you could turn it off there prior to archiving? Alternatively it might be possible to inject some JavaScript to remove the target properties after loading? But I’m not sure how to inject JavaScript into the replayed content.