Open link in new tab -

Based on another thread I’ve started I’m almost resigned to archive a year long course manually, using the extension in Chrome.

Each day of the course there is a link. Can I click “Open link in new tab” to help expedite the manual archiving? If I don’t, and archive in one tab, I jump back to the start of the course every time I click ‘back’ in the browser, and then have to go through many pages to get back to where I was. From testing it appears “Open link in new tab” works and recording/archiving continues. Eventually as I get a number of tabs open I close them. However, it always appears the original tab stops recording at some point. So far I just click to restart recording. Is this a problem?

edit: restarting recording brings me back to the top of the page of course contents. If “Open link in new tab” works I’m just not going to close any tabs and see if this makes a difference.