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Based on another thread I’ve started I’m almost resigned to archive a year long course manually, using the extension in Chrome.

Each day of the course there is a link. Can I click “Open link in new tab” to help expedite the manual archiving? If I don’t, and archive in one tab, I jump back to the start of the course every time I click ‘back’ in the browser, and then have to go through many pages to get back to where I was. From testing it appears “Open link in new tab” works and recording/archiving continues. Eventually as I get a number of tabs open I close them. However, it always appears the original tab stops recording at some point. So far I just click to restart recording. Is this a problem?

edit: restarting recording brings me back to the top of the page of course contents. If “Open link in new tab” works I’m just not going to close any tabs and see if this makes a difference.

The issue was closing a tab stops all recordings. I have been going a month at a time. Roughly right-click and “Open link in new tab”. It is laborious but appears to work. After getting through 30 tabs I shut down recording, close out the tabs, and go on to the next month.

My current hangup is an embedded Soundcloud in every page that appears to only record if I start playing. That is doable but then any time I play in another tab it stops the other and from testing I need to play the whole recording, unlike Youtube and Vimeo videos. I was hoping the act of playing downloaded all the audio but apparently it does not. Is there any workaround to this?

Does “Open link in new tab” work using the Google Chrome extension v0.6.9? It seemed to for me but I now have an unusable 5 GB .wacz I took a month to make after I could not get the Browsertrix Crawler to work on the site I was trying to archive.

The actual archive in works. It is just the .wacz that is generated that does not.

See my answer in the other thread re: WACZ.
Yes, open in new tab should work. There is a Chrome bug that I believe stops recording in all tabs when any tab is closed (it is documented here, but unfortunately does not seem to be addressed: 1184643 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail)

Re: Soundcloud, can take a look at soundcloud, it may be possible load the entire stream automatically (similar to youtube and vimeo), but requires some investigation.