Opening a page in crashes after briefly opening for a second?

Hello, I love your work on and It feels so good having a permanent copy of a website, knowing I can run it offline at any time and without any worry it will ever disappear. Also I love how lightning fast it opens pages in the .warc file.

I am running into an issue though for some sites I’m archiving where the .wacz or .warc file crashes a few seconds after opening it in the standalone desktop program. By “crashing”, it closes the page and just becomes white and blank as if no warc was ever loaded at all.

This is on Windows 10. It works just fine when I open it on the browser version of, and works well on the Progressive Web app too. Just not on the desktop version. I was wondering if you knew what the issue was. I’ve checked the console errors in dev tools and I’m suspecting it has something to do with my localhost 5471 not being open, but I have no idea. It might not even be related because there are other sites where I get those same localhost connection refused messages but it doesn’t crash.

So far it’s crashed on a youtube channel page I archived, and also on a Wordpress blog. As I’ve said before, it works well on the browser version and progressive web app version of, but the crashes keep happening on the Windows 10 standalone desktop program. Any insight on why this is happening and how I can make it stop crashing?

To update the forum, I think this may have been fixed in the latest (1.7.13) release, and was possibly caused by something in the older Electron version

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Thank you, crashes are fixed now. However, can you look into a new problem that has arisen? I mentioned it in my email to you. For some reason archiving Youtube channels doesn’t seem to work properly. I used to be able to load all the videos and see the comments, but right after the 1.7.13 update, I can’t do this anymore and some of the links are taking me to the wrong places.