Option to redirect when a page is not found in archive

I have a feature request (I didn’t find anything in the documentation about this but let me know if I’ve missed it). One thing I would like to see is the possibility to change the default behavior of what happens when a link is clicked that is not part of the archive. I’d like the option to just redirect the user to the URL they were trying to get to without landing them at the Archived Page Not Found page.
I’ve been use web recorder to essentially create static version of old WordPress sites. I capture the site, take down the WordPress version, and put the web archive in its place. So as far as user experience go I want the capture to feel like it is still the same website. The Archived Page Not Found page, although it allows people to click through, feels a bit like hitting a 404 page.

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If this doesn’t exist, this would be a great feature, to have as an embedding option for the replay-web-page tag!

You may find Ilya’s respons to this question helpful :slight_smile:

This feature exists but is experimental and undocumented. There is also a relevant GitHub issue about documenting it that will probably be addressed if and when it is made into an official feature.