Page body disappearing after capture

Hi all,

I’m new to Webrecorder and am trying to capture a page ( with the Chrome extension. Everything appears to be going well until I try and view my recorded page-- the page initially loads but then the body disappears, leaving only the site header and footer. Has anyone encountered this issue, and how might it be fixed?

Thank you!

The issue seems to be that this particular page requires a WebSocket connection, and stops working if it can’t establish it! I haven’t seen this before, and currently not capturing websocket, but will see if there’s a workaround… Thanks for reporting the issue!

Thank you, Ilya. Any workarounds would be appreciated.


I believe I may have a fix for this issue. Do you have a WARC or WACZ file you can share? (Want to see if it works for existing captures).

The updates have been deployed, latest and extension 0.6.9 and up should not have the issue.