Proxy settings?


I am just starting to play around with webrecorder desktop. Are there any proxy settings? I am in a corporate network behind a proxy, so I should be able to set it. If I try to capture external sites (say:, it says "This site could not be loaded. If I try to capture an internal site (say: our internal documentation blog), it just does nothing and hangs on.

I downloaded the newest release 2.0.2 and work on a Windows 7. I could try and also build on Linux, but first I need to get the basics.

is your corporate proxy http (very likely) or socks?
if socks you can use this env before starting webrecorder desktop.

otherwise on Windows (years ago) i’ve used Proxycap to configure proxies per application

Thanks. It is an http/s proxy. I’ve seen that env and it made me think why not put the HTTP_PROXY somewhere in the app? Or could that be done on build?

Proxycap is worth looking at for me. But my idea is to deploy the webrecorder app to local desktops for archivists to use, so it needs to be pre-configured.

I’m having a similar issue when trying to run on the intranet pages. It just hangs. No prompt for login, nothing.

on macos, i just tried this: setting the env HTTP_PROXY before launching the app works
HTTP_PROXY=localhost:8123 /Applications/

i don’t have access to a windows machine right now, but i think you could create a .cmd script to accomplish this:

@echo off
set HTTP_PROXY=http://your-corporate-proxy
start ".... webrecorder.exe"