Q: Chat Platform?

I wanted to pose a question to the group is there is a need for a chat platform for Webrecorder’s users, contributors and guests can interact more in real-time than the forums? I have this want to connect in a more realtime way but that may not be the group conscious.

I’ve proactively registered #webrecorder on Libera.chat. I’m happy to transfer channel registration, remove, moderate or whatever if there is no group desire, need, want for something like that.


Currently we’re not well equipped internally to moderate or interact with folks on a real time chat platform. If you’re going to use the “Webrecorder” name (or associate it with any other of our tools, Browsertrix, etc) it would be nice if you made it clear that your channel isn’t run by anyone from the company? Something about being unofficial or community run in the channel description would be good. :slight_smile:

Totally understood and respected. I’ll disclose on the topic channel that it’s the “unofficial” channel along with it being community ran. In meantime, I’m happy to police the channel and you know where to find me, in addition to this platform.


Thanks for the feedback Hank!

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