Replay issue w/ embedded Vimeo video

Hi all,

I’m just getting started with Browsertrix, and I’m experiencing a replay issue with embedded Vimeo videos captured on this site:

For example, I ran a crawl of this single page – – which generated a WACZ of about 13 MB.

The crawl did capture an .mp4 video, which is accessible and playable in if you filter by audio/video URLs, but the video is not playable from the seed page above. A static image is displayed in the frame, but there are no player controls to start the video.

The video is captured–which is the most important thing!–but for public access we would ideally want it to be playable from the seed page.

Any thoughts?

PS - I used default Browsertrix settings for the crawl, except for the following (which I don’t think should make any difference)



behaviorTimeout: 0
generateWACZ: true