Replay of playback in streaming services

Elements missing from the crawled web GUI, see example in left screen capture:

The missing elements viewed ‘normal’ browser w. inspection to ID the elements: right screen capture

I tried to search the wacz file for ‘afspil’ and ‘play_basic_icon’ with no luck.

Also missing audio/video content, the third screen capture below the two.

Is this a known issue?

Background: I am testing crawls of streaming services GUIs and specifically during playback of audio, text, and/or video content. It is in a legal deposit cultural heritage setting - otherwise it sounds like I am stream ripping.

Can replicate in ArchiveWebpage. The episode thumbnails are loaded dynamically and do seem to be picked up by the extension when the season selector is clicked, but also don’t replay properly.

I am testing crawls of streaming services GUIs and specifically during playback of audio, text, and/or video content.

Note that Browsertrix won’t be able to record content protected by DRM.

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Thanks for looking into this! Replay of the playback GUIs is tricky across several of the streaming services I have tested so far. I tried downloading the wacz-files from browstertrix cloud and uploading to without much success.
If the restriction on DRM-protected content hinders the crawl of the elements of GUI that enables playback, this becomes an issue in a legal deposit setting. Can you already advise that this DRM-related restriction hinders crawl of the GUI itself, its play button, volume buttons, progress bar etc.?
Will run some more tests on various streaming services.

Sorry for any confusion, I highly doubt any GUI rendering issues are caused by DRM — pretty sure that’s not actually possible — but the streaming media itself could be a problem.

I have not have much success in oading the GUI of the actual playback when the DRM-protected content cannot initiate playback. When content is not DRM-protected whatever length of time I decide to crawl a given streaming GUI results in a number of .ts-files and the GUI elements (buttons etc) Would it be possible to allow browsertrix to load snippet or short clip of DRM-protected content (video or audio) to be played to make sure that the playback GUI is loaded and crawled?
Could it be a function to select / force load the first 20 sec. or a minute of the transport stream? Maybe just a fixed number of .ts-files akin to ‘limits’ in the workflow settings?
Motivation: legal deposit. We aim to collect or receive the protected content in its entirety by other means. Browsertrix could be the optimal choice for crawl and replay the contextual - in my case to be able to replay the playback of streaming content.
Thanks again for your tools, time and knowledge!