ReplayWeb for Embedding Social Media Posts (Twitter, Mastodon) in Web Pages

Thank you all for a really sweet set of tools. I saw Ed Summers’ mention on the fediverse last month of how the AP embedded a WACZ in one of their articles, and I knew I had to try it out myself. It took a little finessing (and there is still one bit of CSS that I can’t work out), but I was successful and wrote about my process here:

The documentation for Browsertrix and ReplayWeb is well done, and the tools work as advertised. (I struggled with some CORS configuration between my blog and my media CDN, but that wasn’t a problem with the Webrecorder tools.)

Congratulations on creating and offering these great open source tools.


Thanks @dltj! For others who may not want to set up a browsertrix-cloud instance to create a WACZ for a single page, you will want to check out the browser extension (Chrome and Chromium based browsers) or for all browsers.

Whoa…I thought I had looked at my copy of and didn’t see a WACZ option. My version was from at least May 2021, judging from the web archives I had made when I tried it out.

So okay, yeah, was much more approachable than Browsertrix. (I don’t regret the time learning Browsertrix, but that isn’t necessary for the average user.) I’ve updated my blog post to use instead (and I make mention of

Thanks again, Ed!

Thanks for this blog! super helpful, Starling Lab is working on more embeds like the one we helped create for the Associated Press article. Reach out to us if you ever need help or want to share! Starling Lab · GitHub

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