Sharing troubles

I’ve been searching for a solution to archiving IG and Facebook for my institution, and came across this post from Stanford. This seems like a viable solution for us, so I’ve been playing around with the Chrome extension. I’ve been able to successfully capture some accounts, and when I download and reupload the .wacz files, they display great.

I’m running into trouble when trying to get a URL that can be shared out the way that Stanford has done in their item records. When trying to use the Sharing feature in, a URL is never generated, the progress bar loads and then the display just keeps processing until I navigate away. I then tried using the Chrome extension for Google Drive sharing mentioned here, and even though the .wacz file loads, when I try and view the page I get the “This page is not part of this archive” error message. This is the same .wacz file I’ve tested by uploading it directly to

Wondering if I can get some help sorting this out? I am not particularly well versed in the coding side of this process, but would love to figure it out. Thanks!