Social Media crawl challenges

Hello! Total novice here. I have the extenison installed in my Chrome browser. I am logged into Instagram. When I run the autopilot and click “view recorded page,” I do not get any placeback, just an Instagram logo. I watched autopilot go through each post on a particular Instagram page, so it was doing something. I was also downloaded and uploaded the WACZ into to see if that worked. I have tried the in Firefox as well and nothing. I am sure I am missing an obvious step, but what is it! Thanks for your help.

You’re doing everything right – we actually just had a bug (reported here) due to a recent update. It should be fixed in both 0.11.2 and 1.8.8. Try again and should it hopefully work in both and (You may need to restart the browser for it to update the extension). Sorry about that!