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I’ve created a recording of a Tableau visualization with with the Chrome extension, downloaded the WACZ file and then followed the instructions to embed it in an HTML page. You can see the result here in this GitHub repository

It seems to partially work but displays some errors. Could I get some help in understanding what might be going on here? I would like to learn how to debug things so I can potentially submit a fix, since I know some websites can cause problems.

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I’m just pinging again on this to see if there could be some instructions given on how to debug what is going wrong when things fail to replay.

The first thing to check is in devtools to see if there are any 404s for what appear to be requests from Tableau. In this case, it seemed like there were a couple, so that’s like the cause?

I should note, there was a recent fix related to Tableau POST request replay in 1.4.0, though it didn’t seem to help for these. Perhaps some POST requests did not get captured

I did recapture the Tableau iframes directly the latest extension, taking care to also mouseover a bunch of things, and created this example, where they seem to be working?

Here’s my test attempt which seems to work now?

It looks like you were capturing from a local embed running on localhost, so I didn’t repro exactly that. Sorry if this isn’t more helpful, but would recommend just trying again with the latest +