Unable to view contents of a separate session within the same .warc file

Specs: I am on Windows 10 using the offline desktop version

Video of bug: Bug? - YouTube

Explanation: So I created the .warc file using conifer.rhizome.org, and I archived the page Jstris | SSEN_STAR and then ended the session. A little while later, I archived the Cheese race, Survival, Ultra, etc. pages, each in their own session.

All these pages are therefore archived and contained within the .warc file. However, it says Archived Page Not Found when clicking on these links. I have to copy the link manually and paste it in the search bar, and only then will it find the page. Is this a bug of some sort? I tried opening the same. warc file in the now outdated Webrecordplayer.exe GitHub - webrecorder/webrecorder-player: Webrecorder Player for Desktop (OSX/Windows/Linux). (Built with Electron + Webrecorder) and the bug does not happen here. I am able to access the page right away.

This is the .warc file: Gofile - Free Unlimited File Sharing and Storage