Upgrading to latest main with k8s operator

I’m impressed with the introduction of a k8s operator. After upgrading our systems, crawling is starting much faster after creating the job. Well done!

Upgrading somehow did not work the first time. When invoking helm upgrade --install, I got an error message containing:

no matches for kind "CompositeController" in version "metacontroller.k8s.io/v1alpha1"

So somehow metacontroller’s CRDs were not installed properly.

After installing them manually, helm deployment worked (and it seemed that btrix’s CRDs were installed allright - though I did first install them manually because I expected problems, and then deleted the btrix CRDs again before depoyment succeeded):

kubectl create -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/metacontroller/metacontroller/v4.10.1/manifests/production/metacontroller-crds-v1.yaml

(noting that browsertrix-cloud’s metacontroller version is currently v4.10.1 - commit 7978cb4)