Using ReplayWeb.Page App "Story" / pka Collection Overview

Hello all,

I’m preparing a web archive for offline access, and I’m testing out the new✨ ReplayWeb.Page Desktop App, which will soon replace Webrecorder Player.

I always utilise Webrecorder Desktop’s Collection Description to provide a summary of an archive’s scope + contents. In ReplayWeb.Page Desktop App this text displays as the Story (in WR Player it appeared as the Collection Overview).

I’ve noticed that in ReplayWeb.Page line breaks and paragraph breaks are not maintained, so my introductory text appears messy and becomes difficult to read…

I imagine there is a simple fix… A margin/text wrapping issue? It would be great to resolve, as I’ve found these short descriptive texts to be really useful when introducing users to an archive!

Thank you!

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Hi Anisa,

Thanks for sharing! Yes, the App is replacing WR Player… The Story interface is still new and so far tries to mimic the existing cover page look.

Do you have a screenshot and/or example WARC where it is breaking?

On that note, what would you like to see from the Story interface if it were to be improved?
Would putting in an arbitrary web page be useful? Something separate from the collection description?

Just trying to figure out what would make sense for that section in the future :slight_smile:

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Thanks Anisa! It seems like a difference in the rendering that removes the spacing. Hopefully it’ll be an easy fix, I’ll try to track that down, and made an issue for it on github

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From my perspective, the Collection Overview interface offered by Webrecorder Player provides a really useful template. I tend to use this space precisely as a ‘collection description’ which introduces researchers to the archive they are about to explore, giving a general sense of its contents and providing brief notes about the provenance of the web archive itself. You will see from the screenshots attached that I’ve used the Lists feature to provide a direct entry point into the archive (here, it is simply the Home page). To me, these are the two most important aspects: to be able to give an overview of scope/contents, and to be able to identify key entry point(s) into the archive. I’d be interested to hear others’ thoughts too.

I pushed an update that should address the space issue. Can you see if that fixes the issue you were having on the Story tab? @Anisa

Other improvements in the works currently are the introduction of the sidebar, which has the list of pages. I am experimenting with including all of the three tabs to be available as a sidebar as well.

Hello there @ilya. I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t…! Attaching two screenshots here. One showing the Story tab in the App, the other at

@ilya P.S. I like the idea of the tabs as sidebar instead. :sparkles:

Ah ok, the app has not yet been updated yet. If it works on now, that will be what it looks like in the app in the next release!

Understood. But, it doesn’t seem to be resolved via either. See the second screenshot. Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 10.16.10|690x440 Attached again here. Note how words are broken at line endings.