Video replay issues when capturing social media

I have been trying to capture YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages including videos, and for the last couple of weeks almost none of these are able to be replayed.

I was able to get Conifer to replay some videos on Twitter and seemed like it would play at least the beginning of a video on YouTube, but not on Facebook, whereas Webrecorder Desktop and do not replay any video at all.

The videos have definitely been recorded while capturing the pages, making sure to have them stream to their entirety.

Any ideas or tips please?

@zefik Sorry for not responding earlier, could you try all of these sites with the new extension? There have been a lot of improvements to fidelity over the last month or so, and hopefully you’ll get better results now with the latest version.

Facebook continues to be challenging, but I’m hoping that Twitter and Youtube will work a little better in latest version.

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I really appreciate this tool but I have also been having issues with embedded YouTube videos using (and Conifer). I was able to capture an embedded video a few weeks back and it played fine. But when I downloaded it and tried to check it through, it showed an error. Over the past week, I have not even been able to capture embedded YouTube videos because once I hit the “Start” button on the extension, the video disappears from the page. When I try to view the recorded page to see what captured, I get a black box where the video was. (Per the troubleshooting page, I have removed the YouTube app from Chrome)

I also can’t capture slideshow images or thumbnails. They won’t load when I press the “Start” button. (See attached image).

Thank you for your help.

@rstrauss Can you share (either here on via email) the URL for this page, so can try to repro the issue? I’ve tested a couple pages with YouTube embeds and they appear to be working. YouTube has made a lot of change over the last few weeks, and trying to catch up, so maybe not quite there…

@rstrauss Thanks for sharing the link! It turns out to be a variation of a particular bug issue with iframes , as the page in the example turns out to use this type of iframe, so only the iframe doesn’t load while everything else does.

But good news is that the bug in question appears to be fixed and should be available in a future version of Chrome, not sure which one exactly. (It did work in Chrome Canary).

To capture this now, you can use the App, which should not have this issue.

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