Wacz file main page can't show dependent pages

I have created two warc files, which I converted to wacz files and have put on my website. These are hidden, as this is still in the testing phase.

If you go to

https://www.wticalumni.com/warc.htm and choose the link for “Link to WTIC wacz” it will take you to the problem wacz. The other wacz on that page works fine.

I can see the main page, but every link I try doesn’t work. A sample error message is:

This page is not part of this archive.

[Click Here] to load the live page in a new tab (or to download the URL as a file).

I’ve noticed that for some reason the URL it is pointing to is http while the entire website is https.

I use the following to download the warc file to my Mac:

wget --recursive --warc-file=WTICAlumni --user-agent=Mozilla “https://www.wticalumni.com

and the following to create the wacz:

wacz create -o WTICAlumni.wacz WTICAlumni.warc --url ht tps://www.wticalumni.com/

which I then upload to the web.

(I split the https word because I can’t post more than 2 links yet) :slight_smile:


I uploaded a slightly newer wacz file and now some pages load and others don’t. There is no problem with the actual website loading these pages.

I’ve just been informed that after updating a wacz I need to purge+reload the file. I’ve done that and all works great.

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Glad you figured it out! Thanks for posting here for others to read if they run into something similar.

Glad to post. I know how tough some of these problems can be. Can’t take the credit though, been in contact with someone off channel who figured it out.

Off topic, but how come I can’t find a “solved” icon to click? Is it because I’m a “newbie”??