Wacz maximum file size and discrepancy in total file size

Hi all,

Is there documentation somewhere on the maximum file size of a wacz? I was told by staff that my file hit this limit in the past but don’t remember specifically what size and can’t find any mention. The number 10 GB is ringing a bell but I can’t find any documentation to confirm.

I’ve also noticed there’s a discrepancy between the total file size on the archive web.page showing lists of all web archives with their totals, and the added file sizes of individual captures within a specific archive. For example:
the total shows 173 mbs on that external view
but internally I’m showing the first three files alone in the list push it up to 758.7 mb


Hi @alphie I believe that the size limit of a WACZ file is that of ZIP64 (what ArchiveWebPage and py-wacz use), which is 16 Exabytes. This would be a very large file! You are most likely constrained by the filesystem or cloud storage you are using to store the file, which is not specific to WACZ.

Re: the discrepancy, I think that might be worth filing as a bug report at Issues · webrecorder/replayweb.page · GitHub

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