WACZ size and intermittent blank replay

First thank you for these tools that have been provided. I started using the the ArchiveWeb.page extension in an Edge browser in January in Windows 10. I’m trying to ‘backup’ a website that follows a year of daily activity (each day has a link). I did the first month and I can see it displayed in the extension. I also saved it to a WACZ.

  1. One month is about 200 MB in both the current web archive list (ie. extension) and the WACZ. If I do the whole year it would be 2-3 GB. Is it better to split the archive in 12? Or is 2-3 GB completely fine for a WACZ?

  2. It took a few hours to do the first archive back in January. Afterwards I tested it and tested the WACZ. It appeared to work. I left alone my archiving for a few months and came back to it in April. The backup and the WACZ appeared not to work so I thought about shelving the whole notion of archiving. Today both the listed archive (still seen in the extension) and the WACZ appear to work. I know I have sparse troubleshooting details that can help. In April I would simply get a white screen. Is there any reason the archive would have appeared to have been completed non-functional and then all of a sudden works?


Regarding 1. I read this Webrecorder | Next Generation Web Archiving: Loading Complex Web Archives On-Demand in the Browser . My take away is WACZ is preferred and the size doesn’t matter. So I should be fine with 2-3 GB growing archive with thousands of pages and media. Is that correct?

Regarding 2. Is there any reason why my 200 MB WACZ would have appeared completely blank in April and then works again today? I’m somewhat concerned about continuing on with my archiving if it is just blank in the future. This is with using the ArchiveWeb.page extension in an Edge browser.

Thank you

Yes, for exporting archives, we recommend WACZ format as that makes it easy to share large archives.

Regarding the replay issue, it’s hard to say exactly what it was, there was possibly a bug that was fixed. Not quite sure what you mean by ‘completely blank’, but perhaps there was an error loading?
If you share the file, can try it out to see if there are any potential issues.

For this reason, all releases of the tools are versioned, so you can always pin to a specific version if sharing the archive publicly.

Are you integrating the archives into another website, for example, as done here?

If so, you can choose a particular version to use, so if in the off chance a future version does break something, it won’t affect your archive.