What browses are supported by replayweb.page?

I had thought that Replayweb.page only worked with Chrome. Today I accidentally loaded my page in Safari and it loaded! Didn’t load in Firefox, however.

What browsers are supported?


fyi: I have been using Firefox without a problem for 6+ months.

Officially we strive to make things work in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If something is working in one browser and not in another, it’s likely a bug and should be reported! Check if it exists and if not, please write up a detailed issue of what worked in one place and not in another!

Unofficailly, Chrome is probably the best supported option at this time.

Turned out I had to modify my htaccess file on the server to include

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" All is fine now. Only Firefox seemed to have a problem without it.

Yep, Firefox is more stringent with CORS settings (I think it may treat Range as a ‘non-standard’ header while Chrome does not).
We’ve now added a dedicate page about CORS here: Configuring Server CORS | ReplayWeb.Page
Suggestions / pull-requests welcome for anything not covered there, but should be.

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